Home Suite Home

The trend of the moment: vacationing at home. Fortunately, there has been an interior trend going on for a while now: The Suite Life. We turn our homes, especially the bathroom and bedroom, into luxurious hotel suites. Hospitality trendwatcher Vincent van Dijk provides ten tips on how you can turn your home into a delightful hotel room.

1. Rust

It starts with tidying up your bedroom and bathroom. Get rid of unnecessary items and store your belongings out of sight. A few items, such as a good piece of artwork and a few books, are enough to decorate the bedroom like a luxury suite. Also, make sure all bathroom items are stored in a cabinet and hide the laundry basket. And ensure that you clean the bathroom and bedroom daily because a nice hotel room is always clean.


2. Luxe care-producten

In the bathroom, place a number of care products from the same high-quality brand, both in the shower and at the sink and toilet. Shampoo, body soap and lotion, but also room spray and/or scented candles from the same brand. This creates the ultimate hotel feeling. Use environmentally friendly refill packages, as seen in more and more hotels, instead of environmentally unfriendly miniatures.


3. Fluffy towels

Ensure a series of towels from the same brand, in the same color. From large to small: from luxurious bath towels to washcloths. This creates more tranquility and the ultimate hotel feeling. Lay them down in a stack or make stylish rolls. And don’t forget to hang two matching bathrobes, because a hotel room without a bathrobe is not a hotel room.

4. Shower toilet

Transform your toilet and bathroom into a mini wellness retreat by installing a shower toilet. This turns your toilet visit into a luxurious experience. Toilet paper is no longer needed: let yourself be gently cleaned by a built-in shower and then enjoy a pleasant drying. A good shower toilet comes with built-in orientation lighting, so you don’t wake up your partner when you go to the toilet at night.


5. Adjustable bed

In a hotel room, the bed is the central element. Ensure that you not only have a good mattress but also an adjustable bed base. This provides a feeling of more luxury and allows you to comfortably watch TV or eat in bed. Install lighting under your bed with a motion sensor so that it automatically turns on when you need to go to the toilet at night or feel like having a glass of wine in the middle of the night.


6. Luxury linen

Ensure luxurious bedding, preferably in white color, but at least in a solid color. This creates a feeling of tranquility and luxury. Place an extra pair of pillows on the bed, along with decorative pillows and a bed runner/bedspread in matching colors, for the ultimate hotel feeling. Fold the duvet around the mattress to make it neat and place the pillows on top.


7. Mini bar

The best part of a hotel is that you don’t have to leave the room to get a drink. Place a mini-fridge in your bedroom stocked with a bottle of champagne, bottles of water, some soft drinks, and miniatures. Even more convenient is a pre-packed cocktail kit, allowing you to make your favorite cocktail in no time. Also, place a bottle of mineral water on the bedside tables and occasionally make it extra festive with a bottle of cava.


8. Room service

You’re on vacation, so you don’t have to cook yourself. Nowadays, you can order everything through delivery companies. From a delicious breakfast to brunch, a bottle of wine, or an elaborate dinner.


9. Music & movies

Ensure a pleasant, soothing soundtrack. With a Google Home, you can fill the bedroom and bathroom with relaxing music, creating an atmosphere for a delightful shower or bath. Install a television screen at the foot of the bed so you can enjoy a nice movie from the comfort of your bed.

10. Coffee & tea

What’s better than waking up in the morning with a nice cup of coffee or tea in bed? Make sure to have a Nespresso machine and a kettle in your bedroom, along with cups, tea bags of your favorite brand, and coffee pods arranged neatly on a tray.