Transform your home or hotel into a wellness suite.

People no longer feel comfortable sharing a sweaty gym or sitting next to strangers in a sauna. The wellness trend has been growing for some time, but thanks to COVID-19, the demand for private wellness experiences is stronger. Trendwatcher Vincent van Dijk offers a few tips to turn every hotel room or home into a wellness oasis.

Smart mirror

A Smart Mirror has the advantage of taking up minimal space and offering various workouts. The user is tracked and corrected if necessary. You can choose from different workouts: from boxing to yoga, from lively Zumba dance classes to intense cardio. Through gamification, it becomes very accessible and even enjoyable to exercise, even for avid sports haters. This Dutch invention is ideal for hotels or home use.


This light shower is a great alternative to a sauna, especially when space is limited. While showering, you receive a low dose of UV light, similar to ten minutes of summer sun exposure. This provides all the benefits: an energy boost and stimulation of melanin and vitamin D production, without the risk of burning. It can be built into the shower wall, instantly giving the bathroom a luxurious feel.


Today, a shower toilet no longer resembles a Japanese robot with flashing lights and childish tunes. The shower is subtly integrated, giving the exterior a sleek design toilet appearance. Especially for hotels, an affordable edition has been developed that is vandal-proof and easy to clean. Once you’ve experienced the refreshing sensation of a shower toilet, you won’t want to go back to using toilet paper. This is something that Asian guests, in particular, have known for a while. For home use, a luxury version is also available, which includes a drying function.

Private spa

Hotels are increasingly offering a range of different luxury body care products in sustainable packaging instead of environmentally harmful disposable miniatures. This significantly enhances the wellness experience in a hotel room. Additionally, selling a selection of nourishing masks, serums, and cleansers in your shop or app and enabling guests to book treatments/massages in their rooms can be highly beneficial. And don’t forget to add some plants to the bathroom. This transforms it into a truly luxurious private spa.


Transform your hotel room into a private wellness suite by incorporating smart equipment. From a sleekly designed bike with instructional videos to a portable bag with training tools or a compact treadmill. The guest can choose the workout they prefer, and the appropriate equipment will be provided in the room, or they can opt to book a special wellness suite. With an app, guests can track their results, which is convenient for business travelers who travel frequently but don’t want to go to a gym.