For the Independent Hotel Show, trend forecaster Vincent van Dijk visited several exceptional hotels in Bavaria, searching for the most significant hotel trends of the moment. Check this video.

A hotel guest seeks entertainment. Additionally, the upcoming year will focus primarily on safety and customization. Luxury goes hand in hand with creativity, resulting in a lavish fairytale world to unabashedly dream away in.


Protection, security, and tranquility are important themes in these times of wars and uncertainty. We are witnessing an increase in both the quantity and quality of security measures in hotels, thanks to new technology. Additionally, there is a rise in more secluded and heavily guarded hotels offering enhanced privacy for guests. Notably, we are seeing more hotels with exclusive bars, restaurants, and areas reserved solely for hotel guests. Another trend is the emergence of members’ clubs within hotels and a rise in the number of guests in residence. As a result, more facilities are being constructed. Ensuring the safety of staff will also play a significant role.

2 ME & AI

Every guest desires a hyper-personalized reception, especially during times of labor market tightness. Fortunately, new technology can ensure that every stay is tailored. Artificial Intelligence contributes to a personalized experience by better identifying guests’ preferences before, during, and after their stay. From a personalized welcome cocktail to a custom-made souvenir, AI facilitates catering to guests’ desires more efficiently, reducing waste. This trend is also evident in restaurants with customized menus. Additionally, we see the emergence of personal pricing based on AI algorithms.


We not only observe customization in terms of service but also in interior design. Hotel interiors and furniture are increasingly being customized by local designers and craftsmen to create a unique style and ensure longevity, rather than constantly adapting to temporary trends and whims.


With an ever-changing personal experience comes the evolution of food & drinks. We see the minibar making a comeback in personalized versions, offering ready-to-drink cocktails, healthy, and fresh beverages. Maxibars in rooms are on the rise. Additionally, hotels are opening various outlets with different cuisines and themes to cater to diverse target audiences and different moments of the day.


The luxury segment within the hotel industry is experiencing tremendous growth. Guests are seeking a unique experience and are willing to spend a significant amount of money for it. This experience could involve entertainment, cultural, or tourist activities. The sky’s the limit: guests want to be completely blown away, but it could also be unexpected micro-experiences that transport them out of their reality. Luxury brands and hotels are collaborating to create magical experiences.


Wellness has been a trend for years, but it’s now being elevated to a higher level of luxury. Holistic experiences, multi-sensory wellness, sleep tourism, natural energy, hybrid salons, accessible diagnostics. Wellness in hotels is much more than just a sauna and a treatment room these days; it’s part of the entertainment program and is integrated throughout the entire hotel.


The modern guest seeks entertainment, so hotels and hotel bars are increasingly implementing programming. A week-long program ensures that new target audiences are attracted to the hotel and that guests return more often. From DJs to theater, workshops to sporting activities, wellness programs, festivals, and culinary experiences catering to both hotel guests and locals.


Guests don’t want to stay in an anonymous, international environment; they opt for hotels that are clearly part of a destination, with a strong focus on local cuisine, local art, and local activities. After all, travel loses its purpose if you don’t immerse yourself in another culture. Local customs are given a modern twist, and humor and self-awareness are embraced.


Creativity, fantasy, fairy tales, culture, and music are serving as major sources of inspiration for hotels this year. When guests book a hotel, they are transported to another world that momentarily distracts us from the daily hustle and bustle. We’re witnessing an increase in meticulously crafted themes and concepts that deliver a unique experience. Luxury and creativity go hand in hand.


The hospitality industry is actively reinventing itself. In a rapidly changing world with a crucial focus on sustainability, where travel and mass tourism are under pressure and significant technological developments are occurring, hoteliers are returning to the core of hospitality. Hotel brands are leveraging their knowledge, experience, and brand in new ways to contribute to making the world a better place.


Picture header: Six Senses Ibiza